Late actor Gary Coleman's ex-wife is fighting to keep the star's old friend, ANNA GRAY, out of his will - because the mystery woman allegedly spent two years "living off" the couple before the DIFF'RENT STROKES actor cut her off.
Shannon Price lost a bid to keep Gray away from her late husband's body on Monday (14Jun10) - the actor's one-time business partner was given permission to visit Coleman before he was cremated.
But Price is adamant that's the last battle Gray will win - and she'll oppose any claim to her late husband's estate that her one-time rival makes.
She tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "She was living off us for two months before Gary kicked her out because she spit beer on me. She was drinking one night and was just out of control.
"She had told Gary she was jealous of me because I was coming between him and her and I said, 'I thought you guys were never in a relationship,' and he said, 'She had thought in her mind we were together'. Gary never saw her that way."
Gray had helped Coleman set up a corporation when the odd couple was living together in Los Angeles. She later moved to Utah with Coleman but lost touch with the actor after the dispute over Price.
The actor's ex-wife adds, "He didn't call her, didn't care. Nothing."