Gary Coleman's ex-wife SHANNON PRICE insists the pair was both to blame for the domestic abuse issues which blighted their marriage.
The redhead has come under fire after the Diff'rent Strokes star died following a fall at his home in Utah in May (10).
It was revealed after she gave permission to turn off his life support that the pair had divorced in 2008 and she had no legal right to make the decision.
Price has since claimed the couple was planning to re-marry before Coleman's tragic demise, and has spoken out to defend their relationship - insisting their physical fights were tame compared to those of many other couples.
And the 24 year old reveals she was as much to blame for the fights which landed them both in jail during their marriage.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "We had a few problems with police over physical abuse. Gary was suicidal at some points. One time he attacked me and I pressed charges and he went to jail. There are couples that are a lot worse than Gary and I. He went to jail for a night. So what? I went to jail too for a domestic violence charges between Gary and I. I'm not perfect either.
"He was strong for a guy of his stature. He got mad one day and threw a printer across the room like it was nothing. It was scary. He was set off quite easily."
In January (10), Coleman pleaded guilty to one count of domestic violence criminal mischief and was fined $595 (£372), while Price was arrested for domestic battery and disorderly conduct in July last year (09).