Gary Coleman's parents want the star to be remembered as a "talented" actor.

Sue and Willie Coleman - who were estranged from the 'Diff'rent Strokes' actor for several decades before his death from a brain haemorrhage aged 42 last week - always hoped they would get the opportunity to see him again and never gave up trying to make contact with him.

Sue said: "We want him to be remembered as the talented young man he was. We never stopped being proud of Gary.

"After we stopped hearing from him, we reached out to him anyway we could. Over the years, we sent him birthday and Christmas wishes through his agents and managers because we often had no phone number, no address to reach him. But we always hoped someday he'd come around."

Gary sued his parents in 1989, accusing them and a former manager of mishandling a $3.8 million trust fund, something when they continue to deny.

Sue told People magazine: "We never stole from our son. We always had his best interests at heart."

Meanwhile, Gary's attorney Randy Kester has confirmed details of his funeral.

He said: "The funeral will take place towards the end of the week either Friday (05.06.10) or Saturday (06.06.10) in Salt Lake City."

Detailing where the ceremony would take place, he said it would be "at a place called Lake Hills Mortuary".