Gary Coleman's ex-wife and his former girlfriend have faced off in court as they battle for control of the late star's estate.
The Diff'rent Strokes actor, 42, died in May, 2010 after suffering a brain haemorrhage following a fall at his home in Utah.
His ex-wife, Shannon Price, who divorced the actor in 2008, claims she is entitled to his estate but is facing a challenge from his former girlfriend Anna Gray, who managed Coleman's affairs for several years and claims to have been named as a beneficiary and estate executor in 2005.
The case went to court in Utah on Monday (07May12) and Price testified that she reunited with Coleman after their divorce, but kept the relationship out of the spotlight, telling the court, "We decided that we couldn't be without each other... He didn't want to have to explain (the divorce) to the public or the media. He did not like the media. We wanted to keep our lives private."
During the proceedings, Price produced a Valentine's Day card she allegedly gave Coleman in 2009 as part of her claim they were still in a loving relationship after their official split, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
Gray, who is representing herself during the trial, asserts she should be granted control of the estate.
The case continues.