The police investigation into the death of actor Gary Coleman has officially closed, reports the UK's Daily Mail. The star of 'Diff'rent Strokes' passed away after suffering a brain haemorrhage at his home on May 28th 2010, and just a few weeks ago the coroner ruled that Coleman's death was an 'accident'.
At the time of his death, the 42-year-old was discovered lying in a pool of blood by his ex-wife SHANNON PRICE and his passing sparked a row between Price, his parents, and another ex-girlfriend as to the details of the actor's will. After Coleman's remains were eventually cremated, suspicion of foul play was cast over the death, especially after the release of the 911 call that Price made on discovering the actor's body. In the recording, she calmly reports her discovery and then refuses to approach the body, saying that she 'can't stand blood'. However, despite police's initial suspicions they have now closed the case and will not take the investigation any further.
Coleman starred in eight seasons of the popular US sitcom 'Diff'rent Strokes' as 10-year-old 'Arnold Jackson'. His catchphrase 'Whachu talkin'bout Willis?' became one of the most recognisable sayings on television.