Gary Coleman was cremated yesterday (17.06.10).

The late 'Diff'rent Strokes' actor - who died of a brain haemorrhage last month following a fall at his home - was put to rest during a quiet, simple proceeding at a mortuary in Sandy, Salt Lake City.

In accordance with his will, there was no service to accompany his cremation.

Lawyer Robert Jeffs - who was ordered to oversee Gary's estate - said: "The proceeding was conducted in accordance with Mr. Coleman's desires as expressed in his will that no funeral service, wake or other ceremony memorialise his passing."

Although Gary died on May 28, aged just 42, his cremation had to be put on hold over disputes with his will and estate.

The attorney was named as the special administrator of the late star's estate following a dispute between Gary's ex-wife Shannon Price - who he is believed to have been hoping to remarry - and his ex-girlfriend Anna Gray.

Both women claim they are the legal administrator's of his assets, and his wills are currently being looked at by authorities.

A decision on what will happen to his estate is expected to take several months.

Shannon - who was with Gary at his home when he fell ill - has previously admitted she hoped to scatter her former spouse's ashes on train tracks.