The mystery woman who stands to take over Gary Coleman's estate is holding up the late star's funeral plans - because she wants to see the tragic actor's body.
Anna Gray, who is named executor in a 2005 will signed by Coleman, wants to see her friend one last time before he is cremated - and a judge in Utah has given her the go-ahead to lift the lid on his coffin.
Gray's request was opposed by Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price, who is also challenging Gray's executor status.
She claims that a handwritten 2007 note makes her the executor of her ex-husband's estate.
Little is known about Gray apart from the fact she is an old friend of the deceased.
Gray apparently helped the actor set up a corporation while she was living with him in Los Angeles - and he made her the CEO.
She moved to Utah with Coleman but their relationship soured when he fell for Price, and she was reportedly asked to move out.
Coleman died last month (28May10) after suffering a brain haemorrhage.