Gary Coleman is preparing to launch a legal battle against the producers of his latest movie for failing to cut a full-frontal scene from the film.
The pint-sized Diff'rent Strokes star portrayed a porn mogul in 2009 picture Midgets vs. Mascots, and revealed all in one saucy scene.
But Coleman immediately regretted the move and demanded the scene be cut.
Now he is fuming with movie executives for including it in the final cut - and is seeking legal action against them.
He tells, "They didn't take my penis out of the movie - I'm not very happy about that. It's definitely stressing me out. I gotta go get a lawyer now."
The legal action comes as Coleman was released from hospital after suffering what he calls "a little seizure activity".
The former child star, 41, was admitted to hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning (06Jan10). He was released on Thursday (07Jan10).