Gary Coleman is urging fans to boycott his latest movie MIDGETS VS. MASCOTS after accusing producers of using an "ugly" body double in his full-frontal scene.
The diminutive actor was furious after learning a scene in the 2009 comedy appeared to show him revealing all - and now he's threatening to sue the studio to prevent further DVD sales.
Coleman alleges he never agreed for his private parts to be revealed in the final cut - and insists the actor who stands in for him doesn't do him justice.
He tells, "I wanted all my fans to protest my penis being in the movie, because I didn't want that. It's a body double, I believe, because I certainly was not gonna do this. And I heard that the body double is ugly, and is unattractive, and does not make me look good."
The former Diff'rent Strokes star has had a rocky start to 2010 - he was hospitalised on Wednesday (06Jan10) after suffering a seizure while conducting an interview on the phone.