LATEST: Gary Coleman's attorney has blasted the reckless driving charges his client faces, insisting he "did nothing wrong".
The actor and his wife Shannon Price have been accused of hitting Colt Rushton with their car after leaving a Utah bowling alley, where the plaintiff attempted to take photographs of the couple.
But Coleman's lawyer Randy Kester clams the star was "stalked" by Rushton prior to the alleged incident.
He says, "The charges against Mr. Coleman are absolutely ridiculous. Mr. Coleman is absolutely confident that he did nothing wrong."
"This man brought it on himself. (Mr. Coleman) was simply trying to leave the bowling alley and this man stalked him."
Rushton is also suing Coleman for medical bills, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.
Rushton's attorney, Dustin Lance, says, "This wasn't a situation of paparazzi or stalker-razzi, this was a fan snapping two photographs with a cell phone."
Coleman is due to appear in court on 14 October (08). He faces a maximum of six months in jail if convicted of reckless driving, and a fine if found guilty of another allegation of disorderly conduct.