Hollywood actor Gary Busey embraced a new role as agony uncle on Wednesday night (05OCT05), when he dished out advice to viewers on Jay Leno's late-night chat show.

Due to the absence of a show regular, comedian Leno decided that, rather than ditch the advice section altogether on the night, he'd recruit Busey to dole out some of his irreverent answers to viewers' problems.

For a woman who asked how to stop her husband from watching TV and eating food in bed straight after work, Busey advised, "You should play Tickle + Pee and him. That's a great game, where you tickle your husband for 45 seconds and if he pees he wins a set of luggage and a chocolate bunny."

And he told an overweight man nagged by his family to lose weight, "If you like being fat, be fat. Even though you might look like a potato in a leotard, you be happy."

Meanwhile, a women concerned about her beau's erectile dysfunction was informed, "Your boyfriend is suffering from an anti-social personality disorder. It causes the blood from running south and there's not enough blood to make the meat go big."