Gary Barlow wants a James Corden biopic to be made.

The Take That star is good friends with the actor - who plays inaugural 'Britain's Got Talent' winner Paul Potts in 'One Chance' - and he thinks his journey to success would be perfect for the big screen.

Speaking at the film's premiere in London on Thursday (19.10.13), he told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'm here to support James because he's such an amazing guy.

''If you ask me they should make a film about him. I'm here to support James because he's such an amazing guy

''His success is even more incredible than Paul Potts, I think! So that's why I'm here, for him.''

Meanwhile, the movie's director David Frankel has revealed James was a man of many talents, contributing to the script and also producing.

He previously said: ''James not only acts in the movie, he wrote scenes for the movie, he helped us produce, he helped us direct, he did everything he's really an incredible talent.''

Looking to the future, the 35-year-old funnyman has teased fans by claiming he should be cast as the lead in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

He recently joked: ''We're in talks about it, yeah. It's just a diary issue more than anything.

''I think to anyone who's read the book I'm a natural candidate, I'm the first person that comes to your mind.''