Gary Barlow admits he still gets ''nervous'' before releasing new music.

The 'Let Me Go' singer claims he still worries about what his fans will think before he brings out new material, despite having conquered the charts as both a solo artist and with his band Take That.

He told 'This Morning': ''I'm always nervous around the release of anything because it's your latest work, you've tried hard, you've taken a year to make it or something and you're just giving it and saying 'do you like this or not?'...''

The 43-year-old star has also announced his next single will be 'Face to Face', a collaboration with Elton John, which was recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios in London earlier this year.

He said: ''It was my idea ... I was ringing him up pestering him! But for me, because he's my idol, he's the reason I first sat on a piano stool and it was just such a treat to be with him and record a duet. It was fantastic.''

Speaking about touring without his Take That band mates - Robbie Williams, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Howard Donald - he insists he still enjoys the shows.

He said: ''I actually really enjoy touring by myself, you know, it's all on your shoulders and I quite like the pressure. But I'm really looking forward to playing all these new songs. And some of the old stuff as well.''

Gary added: ''I've videoed Elton singing the song [Face To Face], so he's going to be on the big screens, although I said to the production man 'don't make him bigger than me, it's my show remember!'''

When asked if he'd ever pose naked, Gary also laughed and said: ''No! Definitely not. I'm trying to keep hold of my fans, not lose them.''