Gary Barlow thinks Robbie Williams' unborn baby will be swearing by the time she's three.

The 'Angels' singer is expecting a daughter with wife Ayda Field and while his Take That bandmate knows he'll make a great father, he thinks the tot will pick up on his bad language.

He said: ''Rob will be a great dad, he'll be a lot of fun and it'll be the making of him, because having kids is the making of people, I think. Although the child will probably be swearing by the time she's three.''

Robbie previously admitted he taught his best friend Jonathan Wilkes' five-year-old son Mickey how to swear and claimed one of his own first words as a child was ''f**k''.

He said: ''I was born and raised (for the first three years of my life) in a pub. One of my first words was f**k. And one of my first sentences was, 'Give me a f***ing Harvey Wallbanger please.' (FYI I didn't get one).

''Johnny and Nicky Wilkes let me babysit once with little Mickey. I taught him a game called, 'It's the s**t'. It involved throwing a sock over the balcony and shouting 'It's the s**t' every time it landed. They weren't happy. (sic)''