Gary Barlow has been relying on cryotherapy to get in shape for his solo tour.

The Take That star, who kicked off his run at Edinburgh's Playhouse last night (16.04.18), is the latest celebrity to test out the popular weight-loss technique - which involves standing in a tank at subzero temperatures for three minutes in order to burn calories.

The 47-year-old singer - whose debut solo LP 'Open Road' is back in the charts, sitting comfortably at number 10 in the Official UK Chart at present - was inspired by Real Madrid football champion Cristiano Ronaldo to try out cryotherapy, and he admits being inside the icy tanks is a ''horrific'' experience.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Someone said to me, it was probably my son, that Ronaldo never goes on the pitch unless he's had a cryo.

''The problem is I am so gullible, I believe all this. So the next minute I thought, 'I'm going to have a bit of that'. It was horrible. I am used to ice baths - I do those every week.

''They do make me feel really good as it gets the blood rushing. But this cryo chamber was horrific.''

Ronaldo has his very own cryotherapy pool at his home which cost £36,000.

On the benefits, Gary added: ''It definitely wakes you up.

''We used to take ice baths on tour and whenever we did them, no one ever got injuries. So there is something in the cold thing but it's not pleasant for the three minutes you're in it.''

The 'Back for Good' hitmaker says he goes to extreme lengths to ensure his wellness on the road to avoid having to axe gigs due to illness.

He said: ''The last thing you want is cancelling shows because you are ill. I want to make sure I am 150% every night I go on.''

Meanwhile, Gary has reassured fans that while he's currently enjoying touring solo, he has no plans to quit Take That - completed by Mark Owen and Howard Donald.

He told the Metro newspaper: ''I'll always say, I'll move anything to do things with the band.

''We usually do a record and tour every three years.

''As someone who has been on a stage since the age of 11, to not tour for years ... that's not enough for me.

''I want to go out and more.''

The 'Never Forget' singer says he'd be left ''devastated'' if he did ever have to give up performing with his bandmates.

He added: ''If there was a reason that I couldn't do it anymore I would be devastated because I enjoy it so much.''