Gary Barlow says the song he wrote about his stillborn daughter Poppy ''should be a celebration''.

The Take That signer has revealed his hit single 'Let Me Go' was written about his tragic loss two years ago, admitting it helps to keep ''a life and a flame in the whole thing''.

Speaking to friend James Corden in new BBC One documentary, 'When Corden Met Barlow', he said: ''It's not my voice, it's someone else's.

''It should be a celebration that song, because in some respects, it's alive that record and those lyrics and what it relates to.

''It keeps a life and a flame in whole thing ... There's a point where I'll stop [talking about it] in respect to my wife.''

Meanwhile, Gary also commented on his weight gain - 17 stone at his largest - after his second solo album was a flop in 1999.

He admitted: ''Problem was I hit 25, my career went out the window, and it was like: 'How do I change everything, how do I change the way I look? Don't want to be recognised anymore'. It was almost a protest.

''I knew what I was doing. I enjoyed the fact that no one recognised me.''