Gary Barlow ''never'' has to look for work.

The Take That singer is currently judging 'X Factor', co-writing songs for Robbie Williams and has performed 'Forever Autumn' and 'The Eve of War' on Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' album - a reboot of his 1978 record based on the 1898 H.G. Wells musical - and he was delighted to be able to contribute to the record, despite his ''busy'' schedule.

He said: ''I'm a little bit busy at the moment. I'm never looking for work, I'm looking for stuff that excites me, and this excited me greatly and I'm really proud to be part of it.

''The production is mind blowing, it really is. When I first listened to it with Jeff I was blown away, it really is fantastic.

''I was such a massive fan when this originally came out. I was obviously really, really excited and honoured to be asked. Learning from Jeff, who has so much knowledge and experience has been brilliant.''

The 41-year-old musician admits the 'War of the Worlds' album takes him back to his childhood because the original record had a ''massive'' influence on the early part of his career.

Speaking in an interview with UK station BBC Radio 2, he added: ''It's almost revisiting a childhood dream for me, I used to play the song when I played in the social clubs, I used to sing it a lot and it was kind of the thing got me off the piano and interested in synthesisers so it was such a massive part of my career.''