The Take That frontman has been very open about his weight struggles in the past, weighing in at 17 stone back in 2002. He has since shed the pounds, but was determined to tone up when he found out he would be seen without a top on for a shower skit which kicks off the new TV talent show when it premieres on Saturday night (07Jan17).

"Training was pretty intense. I'm 45 now, to go topless on TV is like, 'I'm gonna get in shape for this'," he told The Sun newspaper. "I wanted to get semi-decent. I didn't want the moobs (man b**bs) flopping away there!"

However, Gary insisted he didn't come up with the idea for the shower scene, and that it just went with a song he wrote for the programme.

As well as hitting the gym, Gary has been watching what he eats more than ever to stay slim for the scene. But he insisted he doesn't worry too much about gaining weight, because he doesn't crave junk food like he used to.

"I went through every single diet book, anything and everything that’s out there I’ve probably done, all of those diets,” he added. "And it’s taken me years to get to a place where I just eat good, healthy food and I’m happy with it and I don’t crave sweets and chocolate."

Gary has enjoyed huge success with Take That, as well as a solo career, and is now hoping to entertain viewers with his new show Let It Shine, which sees him, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp and former Glee star Amber Riley search for the stars of new musical, The Band, based on Take That’s hits. The show will begin rehearsals later this year (17).