Gary Barlow is cutting down on booze on his solo tour.

The Take That star is currently on a health kick for the 47-date UK run and has limited the number of drinks he has after his gigs because he was knocking back at least four drinks the last time he was touring with Take That on their 'Wonderland Tour' in 2017.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm trying not to drink, if I'm honest, because I'm a bit of a devil.

''I like a drink, you see.

''Usually when you come off stage it feels like such a celebration, as you've been sweating and running round for two hours, I like to start to wind down and have a drink.

''But I've got to keep my eye on that as all of a sudden I realise I'm having four drinks instead of just one, so I'm just trying to be careful.

''It's 47 dates so I just want to make sure I get on there every night and I'm fit and healthy.

''I'm 47 now and there comes a point in your life you've got to look after yourself.''

The 'Giants' hitmaker revealed last week he's been relying on cryotherapy to get in shape.

Gary is the latest celebrity to test out the popular weight-loss technique - which involves standing in a tank at subzero temperatures for three minutes in order to burn calories.

The 47-year-old singer - whose debut solo LP 'Open Road' is back in the charts - was inspired by Real Madrid football champion Cristiano Ronaldo to try out cryotherapy, and he admits being inside the icy tanks is a ''horrific'' experience.

He said: ''Someone said to me, it was probably my son, that Ronaldo never goes on the pitch unless he's had a cryo.

''The problem is I am so gullible, I believe all this. So the next minute I thought, 'I'm going to have a bit of that'. It was horrible. I am used to ice baths - I do those every week.

''They do make me feel really good as it gets the blood rushing. But this cryo chamber was horrific.''

Gary continues his tour at Hull City Hall this evening (23.04.18).