Gary Barlow, the Take That singer-songwriter and current judge on reality show 'The Uk X Factor', has come under fire after he allegedly humiliated a fragile contestant in scenes that were not aired on Sunday's episode (18th September 2011), reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
54-year-old Welsh contestant Ceri Rees was roundly criticised for her rendition of a Whitney Houston hit and was promptly sent home by X Factor judges, however, Barlow is accused of continuing the unnecessary humiliation in scenes not broadcast. Lily Allen has already tweeted her concern at the judges' behaviour towards a "clearly ill" Ms Rees. After watching her perform three songs, Barlow "sat with widow Ceri on the stage steps" and began rifling through her handbag. He then stunned the audience by pulling out her passport, holding it aloft and saying, "A passport? Well you won't be needing this". On Wednesday, Ceri's family were threatening legal action, claiming she had been "bullied and humiliated" on the show. One audience member, Ashlei Swain from Bridgend, noted, "She had her handbag so Gary was going on about why it was so special. He started rifling through it and found her passport. He held it up and mocked her and tried to get the audience to laugh with him. But people were booing".
Despite Ceri's obvious inability to sing in time or in tune, X Factor bosses broadcast seven minutes of her audition. They later played the 'Jaws' theme tune as she was given the bad news from the judges.