British singer Gary Barlow has assured fans his upcoming solo tour does not spell the end of pop group Take That.

Barlow went solo after Take That split in 1996, but his career away from the band eventually slumped and he was dropped by his record label.

He staged a comeback when the group reunited in 2005, enjoying a series of successful tours and albums with his bandmates, and he recently announced he will be heading back out on the road for his first solo tour since 1999.

The news sparked speculation that Take That would be put on permanent hiatus, but Barlow is adamant the band will return with a new album as they plan to hit the studio together in early 2013.

When asked if his solo tour spells the end for Take That, he tells the Bbc, "Definitely not... We're hitting the studio in the New Year and so, I guess in a way it's (the tour) my last bit of freedom actually because once I commit to Take That again, it's an 18-month - two year thing... So I'm sort of celebrating my last few months of freedom."