Gary Barlow is taking a course to beat his fear of flying.

The Take That singer is determined to cure his phobia of planes by undergoing a special therapy session to help him calm his nerves during take-off and make his jet-setting lifestyle more bearable.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I'm scared of flying - especially the take-off. I just don't like it, and yet I have to do so much of it. I get really nervous. Maybe it's because I'm scared of dying.

''I do just get on with it and do it because I have to, really, but I don't like it and it kind of ruins the whole day because I'm working myself up so much about getting on a plane.''

Gary, 42, is bringing 10 of his most anxious pals along for the ride and he hopes the rational explanation of the plane's innermost workings the course offers will curb his fear once and for all.

The 'X Factor' judge added: ''Someone from Virgin offered me a course that they do and I said, 'Listen I'll bring 10 other people I know who are REALLY scared.' Apparently, once you've done it you're never worried again.

''They talk you through all the noises and explain that this thing is happening for that reason. I don't know if its hypnotherapy or what exactly they do, but it's meant to be brilliant and only takes an hour.''