Gary Barlow has banned his children from watching raunchy music videos.

The 'X Factor' judge insists a lot of videos created by young female artists nowadays are ''too sexual'' for his children, Daniel, Emily and Daisy - who are all under 14 - but he has no problem with artists flaunting their flesh in front of the cameras.

He said: ''Music is an expression and an art form and however they want to express it is fine. If you don't want to watch it or listen to it, there's an off button.

''These singers are young, sexy girls - of course they are going to express themselves like that. But I don't let my kids watch it.

''I probably wouldn't let them watch anything like that. It's too sexual for them.

''Emily is a One Direction fan, there are posters on the bedroom wall. It takes me back. My son likes Eminem and Daisy likes Mr. Tumble.''

But the 42-year-old singer isn't expecting his new single 'Let Me Go' to be played alongside the likes of One Direction on British radio station Radio 1 - which specialises in playing popular youth music and chart hits during the day - and admits he prefer listening to other stations anyway.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''With my song I don't hope to make the Radio 1 playlist.

''There comes a time where the business changes for you. Radio 1 is for young artists and I don't want to take their place. It's not my demographic.

''I like Radio 2, Heart and a bit of Magic. My days of Radio 1 are over.''