Gary Barlow relished his 2009 trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro - because he could finally eat all his favourite treats without worrying about putting on weight.
The slim Take That star, who once weighed a massive 239 pounds (108.6 kilograms), organised the climb to support British charity Comic Relief and encouraged his fellow U.K. stars, including singers Ronan Keating and Cheryl Cole, to join him.
And Barlow confesses one of the highlights of the trip was being able to indulge in fat-packed snacks without worry - because the constant walking ensured he burned the calories off.
He tells BBC Radio 2, "After not eating chocolate for years and years I really ate loads of it... you can eat whatever you want and you won't put any weight on!"
The singer/songwriter has also opened up about his battle with the bulge, which began when the group first disbanded in 1996, and how he managed to slim down - allowing himself to indulge in his favourite foods just one day a week.
He adds, "The key to me when I lost all my weight was portion sizes. You can nearly eat what you want if you don't eat enormous portions. I think if you can control your portion size you've cracked it.
"I used to wake up awful early on a Saturday to get started (on treats), you could eat what you want. What I discovered is I made such a pig of myself on a Saturday, it was quite repulsive. I thought, 'I dont want to be this,'... so after a few weeks (on) the Saturdays the food got less and less. Now it's just part of life for me, I know when I'm full and know when I should stop eating."