A crazed fan of country singer GARY ALLAN has been handed a permanent restraining order after allegedly stalking the star and breaking into his Tennessee home.
Katherine Walker was arrested in May (09) after wreaking havoc in Allen's Nashville property in April (09) - throwing around furniture, breaking into a car and smashing a window in the kitchen.
The 47 year old claimed she lashed out after Allan reportedly stood her up at a bar, although the singer insists she has been harassing him for years.
Walker was charged with burglary, stalking and vandalism and handed a temporary restraining order to keep her away from her idol.
At a hearing in Sumner County Chancery Court, Tennessee on Tuesday (21Jul09), the order was made permanent by Judge Tom Gray after he heard testimony by Allan and several of his band members and business associates.
Allan's lawyer Allen Ehmling says, "Dealing with fans, there's some of that adoration that goes with the job. However, when someone starts coming over to your home, damages your property, tries to get into your home, goes through the vehicles, throws bricks through your window, throws furniture into the pool off a second-floor balcony, I think that crosses the line clearly.
"I think he's glad to have it behind him. Wouldn't anybody be? Now all he's got to do is deal with whatever the district attorney wants on the criminal side. As far as the civil case, we're glad it's over and done with."
Walker is due to be arraigned on Friday (24Jul09) on criminal charges in connection to the incident at Allan's home.