The film version of popular book THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is to be helmed by British directing/producing duo Garth Jennings and NICK GOLDSMITH.

The pair have been responsible for a number of music videos, including Blur's COFFEE AND TV, and this will be their first venture in feature films.

Script problems have delayed work on the venture, as SPYGLASS FILMS partner Roger Birnbaum explains, "We finally cracked the story and hired these clever English fellows to make sure that the picture is visually inventive and funny and accessible to contemporary audiences while still connected to the book DOUGLAS ADAMS wrote almost 25 years ago."

Filming on the book has been suspended since Adams died while making script revisions, and although the script has passed through many hands since then, he will still be credited as executive producer on the film.

17/06/2003 17:14