Veteran rocker Garth Hudson has lost thousands of dollars worth of belongings after reportedly failing to pay his rent.

The Band star's landlord sold off memorabilia at a garage sale in New York over the weekend (23Feb13) in an effort to recoup rent payments the keyboard player allegedly owed.

The Times Herald-Record reports Hudson kept the loft space for storage, but stopped paying rent six months after he took it on in 2002.

Property owner Mike Piazza reveals he tracked down members of Hudson's family in Canada and some rent cheques were paid, but he estimates the rocker still owes him over $60,000 (£37,500).

Piazza claims he even approached Hudson's former bandmates Robbie Robertson and the late Levon Helm and suggested a fundraiser, but the owner insists they showed little interest.

Hudson urged fans to attend the garage sale and purchase items to allow the rock star to buy them back in a post on his Facebook page.

After the garage sale, he wrote, "We were told everything there was sold. We were not seeking funds, but were asking purchasers to allow us to reimburse them for what they bought as we were not on premises ourselves."

Defending his actions, Piazza says, "My intent was just to get rid of it. I'm a real estate person, not a collector."