Retired country superstar Garth Brooks plans to return to the limelight - after his oldest daughter turns 18 in a decade.

The singer thrilled legend Buck Owens by calling into his 75th birthday party in Bakersfield, California, last week (10AUG04) and told his hero that he's missing performing live.

Brooks told Owens he'd be "the biggest liar on the planet" if he said he didn't miss the music business, but he loved spending time with his three daughters.

But he added that after his youngest daughter turns 18, he's planning a comeback.

He told Owens, "If I'm not 750 pounds by then, we might fire it back up."

But that wasn't the only thrill for Owens - Brad Paisley, Dwight Yoakam and THE MAVERICKS' RAUL MALO were among those who performed for the singer at his Crystal Palace Steakhouse.

Fellow legend George Jones was another star who phoned in his best wishes and Toby Keith and California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER sent telegrams.

Owens suffered a stroke in February (04) and is currently recovering so he can complete his latest album. He finished off his birthday bash by joining Malo and Paisley onstage for a rousing rendition of his classic STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD.

19/08/2004 09:20