Retired country superstar Garth Brooks is planning a comeback - when his youngest daughter starts college.

The WHAT SHE'S DOING NOW singer was recently named America's second highest-selling solo artist of all time, after Elvis Presley, and he isn't done yet.

Brooks, who wed Trisha Yearwood last year (05), walked away from the limelight in 2001 to be a full-time dad, but now he's thinking about planning a comeback.

He says, "You can't (tour) with children, I can't.

"So, our youngest baby's nine, I just turned 44 on the 7th (FEB06) and I'm thinking, 'When she's off to college, that's only 10 years from now... If there's a window that's still open and I'm not 800 pounds by then, then we'll see."