Garth Brooks is still mourning the gigs he cancelled at Ireland's Croke Park stadium earlier this year (14) after a sensational showdown with locals.

The country singer scrapped all of his five sold-out concerts at the venue near Dublin in July (14) following a dispute with locals and politicians.

Brooks choked back tears as he spoke to Britain's Daily Telegraph about the cancellations, admitting he is still hurting about not playing the venue and disappointing his fans, even four months later.

He says, "Hey man, I'm not trying to be dramatic, my wife would sit here and tell you, 'I've never seen him ache like that for anything other than loss of family.' I mourned that, and I still am, to tell the truth. Hurts like hell... (Ireland) was always the place where you couldn't start a song, two words and its gone, they're taking over. That's the way music should be. When you hear them singing your stuff in Croke Park, it's like heaven."

In October (14), a representative for Brooks dismissed reports he would return to Ireland in 2015.