The If Tomorrow Never Comes musician 54, treated children at the city's Airline High School to the free sports event on Saturday (30Jul16).

Garth was joined by a former star of America's National Football League (NFL), Rudy Niswanger, for the camp, which put kids aged nine to 13 through their paces with a series of relay races, drills and games.

Speaking to local newspaper the Shreveport Times, Garth, who briefly played professional baseball, revealed how his love of sport made him determined to introduce others to physical activity at a young age.

"Dealing with somebody at this age, you want to introduce love into their life," he said."If you don't introduce love into their life, then you're going to deal with them without love in their life at (a later age). That's not a good thing."

Of the life skills the children could learn from the camp he added, "The greatest thing these kids learn today is how to love one another. They learn respect and attitude - a lot of words they already knew, but we're going to keep drilling it into them."

The star also admitted that the youngsters' energy on the field had helped him recapture his youth, adding, "The kids bring their own energy, so you feel like a kid again. I'm around people that are my age now, this is what I love. I feel at home."

He also took time to praise the volunteers who helped to organise and run the camp, saying, "None of these kids pay a dime to be here, not of these coaches are paid a dime to be here - the volunteers, they are angels walking among us."