Country singer Garth Brooks urges divorced men to keep talking to their exes - because they can become valuable friends.

The River hitmaker divorced his childhood sweetheart SANDY in 2001, after a five-year marriage, but the couple are still close - even though the singer has now remarried country queen Trisha Yearwood.

In fact, Brooks reveals his ex gave him stirring words of encouragement when he decided to ask Yearwood to be his second bride.

He says, "She looked at me and said two things I will never forget as long as I live - she said, 'It's about time,' and then she said, 'This is a good move for you.'"

And Brooks is convinced that the way he and his ex have continued to stay close - for the sake of their three daughters is the way all divorcees should conduct post-marriage relationships.

He adds, "We're living 100 yards from each other. There's a county road in between her farm and our's.

"Sandy and I have the children every other day. Every day at six you either lose or get your babies.

"When people get divorced, they stop talking - it's the worst thing you can do. You've got to remember to keep speaking all the time."