Country star Garth Brooks has struck deal with his three daughters - they can't start dating until they can drive. The semi-retired star has ruled none of his girls can go out with a guy until they turn 16 - and they must be prepared to take their own car on a date. He says, "They promised me on their first date, they're driving, so that, if there's anything wrong, he's out (the car). It's perfect." And Brooks admits he's getting close to accepting his girls' first boyfriends - his eldest daughter is 15. He adds, "It's scary for all dads. I dunno what they're feeding kids today but you walk your girl into school and every guy you see... 'Oh my God, look how big that kid is.'" But he does have some wisdom to impart for other worried dads with dating daughters: "Trust in them to make the right decisions for themselves."