Country icon Garth Brooks was left red-faced following a recent meal with Las Vegas casino boss Steve Wynn - after realising a group of autograph hunters were only interested in meeting the entertainment mogul.
The singer/songwriter has become good pals with Wynn in recent years and signed a five-year concert deal with the real estate developer's Encore Hotel and Casino venue last December (09).
But dinner with Wynn became a big embarrassment for Brooks last month (Oct10) when they were approached by a trio of female fans.
Brooks recalls, "About a month ago, we were having dinner and while he's talking to me, these three ladies come over to the table to get an autograph. I stand up, they were standing behind Steve and he didn't see them, so I touch his hand, 'Excuse me', and they say, 'Can I have your autograph?' and Steve just goes off on one, 'We're trying to have dinner here!'
"I'm panicking, I didn't know what to do and I turned to the ladies and said, 'I'm sorry, if you're still here when it's over I'll come over and sign an autograph'. They went off and everyone was embarrassed."
The Lost In You star tried to make amends with the ladies for the snub and went over to their table after dinner to apologise. But he soon realised the women had no idea who he was.
He says, "As I'm walking towards their table, there was a look on their face I'd never seen before and just as I get to their table, it hits me and I say, 'You weren't asking for my autograph, were you?' Steve Wynn's the most popular guy on the planet! They thought I was his security. And then suddenly these nice people were like, 'Come on, we'll take a picture with you.'"