Comedian Garry Shandling is so annoyed with missing all of his friends' TV appearances, he's bought himself a TiVO digital recorder so he can catch up with their work.

Shandling, who was once romantically linked to former ALLY McBEAL star Calista Flockhart, has just purchased the recorder and admits he's yet to learn how to use it, but when he does, he'll be able to support his pals.

He says, "I would TiVo some late-night shows that I never get to watch... I have friends who go on shows that I mean to watch.

"Like if my buddy DAVE DUCHOVNY goes on LETTERMAN. Jeffrey Tambor is nominated for Arrested Development, and I'd like to see that show more than I do.

"I bumped into John McEnroe and I want to see his show. So it is more to keep up with my friends than for my own entertainment."

13/09/2004 08:46