A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION star Garrison Keillor has won a restraining order against a woman who sent him bizarre gifts, like a petrified alligator foot and dead beetles. The beloved radio presenter and actor alleged he received unwelcome phone calls and disturbing emails from Andrea Campbell, 43, of Hawkinsville, Georgia. In the petition, filed earlier this month (Oct07), Keillor, 65, claimed the harassment started in April (07), after Campbell attended a live performance of his public radio show, A Prairie Home Companion in Georgia. In the documents, Keillor revealed he was most shocked by one letter Campbell sent him, in which she "graphically described making love to me". Keillor also claims Campbell startled his wife when she turned up at the family home in St. Paul, Minnesota in July (07). But Campbell believes Keillor has misunderstood the letters, emails, packages and phone calls, and insists she was never closer to his house than the sidewalk. In an interview with a Minnesota newspaper, she says, "I believe that he's paranoid."