Pop flop Gareth Gates is attempting another assault on the charts, and ears, of the UK after being signed by a new record label.

The sweet-singing young star has undergone three years of therapy on his stutter, allowing him to talk in public with no problems, according to the Sun.

Gates, who came runner up to Brit nominee Will Young in ITV's Pop Idol in 2002, managed just a handful of cover versions before the UK became bored and his record label dumped him after two albums.

However, Gates is now looking to return with a new style, having beaten his speech problems and having had some input into his new songs rather than recording karaoke numbers.

He told the newspaper: "What happened with my first two albums is that I arrived at the studio, walked into the booth, was told what to sing and left an hour later.

"But with this one I've had the freedom to be able to play guitar and piano on it. It's much more about me."

But Gates knows he has to work hard to win back fans after he became the butt of many jokes and bad press by having a relationship with glamour model Jordan, denying it, then being dropped by his record label for dismal sales.

He admitted: "I'm a realist. I know that the name Gareth Gates has a stigma attached to it. People think of my speech and the cheesy pop and think I'm not credible."

But while he added that he has put his "all" into his latest attempt, if it's not successful "it doesn't matter".

22/02/2007 15:58:59