Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson has apologised to Jennifer Lopez after famously claiming she wanted to punch the Latina beauty.

The redhead singer hit the headlines in 2002 when she fired into J.Lo's alleged diva behaviour. Manson agreed that Lopez was good-looking, but "wanted to punch her nonetheless".

During a recent appearance on MTV UK's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE show in London, Manson admitted she had met Lopez on a magazine shoot and was embarrassed over her fiery outburst.

Manson says, "I said that a while ago and subsequently met her during a photo shoot and she was really cool and gracious about it.

"It was a shoot for Vanity Fair that I did with her, Gwen Stefani, Eve and loads of others.

"I felt like a right piece of work for saying that when I saw her there, she was cool though. I've changed my mind about her now."

18/04/2005 21:43