Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson has slammed the citizens of middle America for re-electing President George W Bush, suggesting their "limited" intelligence was behind their electoral decision.

The feisty Scottish singer - who lives in America - was disgusted Bush was given another four years at the White House following last week's (02-03NOV04) election.

Manson says, "I saw a chart detailing the average IQ of each of the 50 states and how they voted. All the states with the highest IQ voted for (JOHN) KERRY. All the states at the bottom of the chart voted for Bush.

"Right smack bang in the middle of the chart were Virginia and Wisconsin, each bearing an average IQ of 100. Needless to say one voted for Kerry (Go Wisconsin!) and one voted for Bush. Don't you think that's fascinating?

"A lot of Americans are so fearful that they refuse to take a chance on new leadership and that they are unable to distinguish the enormous difference between Al-Qaida and Iraq.

"I love America. It's a wonderful, beautiful country that has been so good to me. It changed my life and I love it deeply and unequivocally, but it is at times like these that I find it so very hard to understand."

12/11/2004 13:55