Rockers Garbage have attacked American President George W Bush's homophobic administration and his "reactionary" attitude towards women's reproductive rights.

The WHY DO YOU LOVE ME? stars hope their new single SEX IS NOT THE ENEMY will raise awareness of the futility of Bush's ban on gay marriages and pro-life beliefs, when it's released next month (JUN05).

The band's frontwoman Shirley Manson explains, "This is a party song on the surface, but it's actually dealing with my amazement at how the Bush administration in America is really reactionary and clamping down on gay rights and women's reproductive rights and civil liberties in general.

"I thought it was really weird that when Janet Jackson revealed her t*t at the Super Bowl it was on the cover of USA TODAY for three days in a row and, meanwhile, there was no mention of the Iraq war.

"It was only focusing on Janet's beautiful t*t, which I thought was bizarre."

17/05/2005 14:04