British rockers Gang Of Four are selling vials of their blood in a bid to raise money to fund the recording of their new album.
The post-punk band, who found fame in the late 1970s, are currently working on their new record, Content - their first album since 1995's Shrinkwrapped, but they are struggling to find the funds to pay for their studio sessions.
The musicians have now come up with an innovative scheme to raise much-needed cash - they are selling unusual merchandise including a box set which features a pot of diluted blood, a 'scratch and sniff' book and artwork.
Guitarist Andy Gill tells BBC 6 Music, "We're having discussions with health and safety to find out what percentage of our actual blood we're allowed to put in there."
Fans will also have the chance to purchase a helicopter ride to Britain's Glastonbury music festival with the band, and for Gill to remix one of their tracks. The rockers are also letting fans donate cash through U.K. site, which helps artists raise money to record their music.