Based on the iconic 1988 arcade title (the first video game to secure a parental warning), Splatterhouse tells the story of college beefcake Rick Taylor, who is on the trail of his girlfriend Jennifer after she vanishes when going to visit Dr West in his West Mansion.

While various beasts of the other-world are doing their utmost to cramp Rick's style, he stumbles upon a 'Terror Mask' which gives our hero raw power and an enlarged physique. Players are then unleashed on the legions of foul demonic creatures working for Dr West as they try to prevent Rick being reunited with Jennifer.

Players will learn how to harness and focus the juggernaut power of Rick to perform countless brutal attacks and stop his relentless opponents gaining the upper hand. The dynamic combat system will see Rick performing bone-smashing combos and grapples and he now has a new gift of agility which he employs to great effect.

Splatterhouse is set for release some time in Autumn 2010