Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the hit HBO show, will present a ten-part series called #PowerShift for The Huffington Post. The 20-year-old actress will share stories from millennials across the globe, and will explore a diverse range of topics, including how social media influences public opinion, how it can be used to campaign for social justice, and even its potential to ignite revolutions.

#Powershift's first episode looks at Black Lives Matter, the movement founded to demand justice following the murder of African-American teen Trayvon Martin in 2012 and subsequently the deaths of young black men in police custody in the United States.

Turner tells The Huffington Post: “Social media has amplified the voice for my generation around the world and changed the way that we communicate," she explains. "I am a huge advocate of social media and thrilled to be given the opportunity to delve deep into its influence and impact on society at large."

While activist LaCreshia Birts who features in the first episode adds: “Social media does put power back in the hands of activists or people like me because it allows us to tell our story.”

#PowerShift will feature on The Huffington Post's 15 global editions and will be syndicated through the AOL On network.

The series was made in partnership with GroupM Entertainment (GME) and produced with Broad Bean Media.