Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage still feels awful about hacking off an aged amputee's fake leg during a battle scene for the show.

The actor has confessed one of his ruthless character Tyrion Lannister's fight partner's leg was whipped away from him during a sword-wielding scene and he had to watch as the elderly man toppled over.

Dinklage tells Playboy magazine, "There's a scene in the show where I chop a man's leg off from behind. The gentleman was probably about 70 years old. They filmed him from the back, so you don't see how old he is. And he's an amputee. He had one leg, so basically I just knocked out the fake leg.

"I had a big dull sword, and I knocked a wooden leg off an amputee who was 70 years old... The fight scenes are all a big lie. The whole time, you're trying not to get hit in the eye with a sword, and you wish you had on a welding helmet."