Game Of Thrones has landed a dubious honour - the popular series' season three finale has become the most pirated Tv episode of all time.

Website bosses at noted that the drama's latest episode, which aired in the U.S. on Sunday (09Jun13), notched a record 170,000 simultaneous shares on file sharing service BitTorrent.

During the 24-hour period since the episode, Mhysa, premiered on U.S. network HBO, over one million people have already downloaded the episode, beating all previous records for a Tv series.

Bosses at the network also confirmed on Monday (10Jun13) that, with an average 13.6 million viewers for every episode, Game of Thrones has topped True Blood to become Hbo's most-watched series currently on-air. It only ranks behind The Sopranos as the network's most watched original series ever.