The 69-year-old actor, who played dastardly nobleman Tywin Lannister in the acclaimed U.S. fantasy series until its fourth season, believes the world is too influenced by the America.

"I think America can be a bit like a virus it goes out infecting the world," he told the London Evening Standard. "I was in Romania and Prague not that long ago and you turn a corner and there's that bloody great M for MCDonald's and you think 'f**koff, take it all away.'"

Speaking on the eve of Britain's referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union (EU) on Thursday (23Jun16), Charles said he hoped the remain side would be victorious.

"I think as long as we remain in Europe we will be influenced more I hope by Europe than America, I hope, because it enriches our culture and stops us from being a little satellite of America," he explained.

Sadly for Charles, he did not get his wish, as when the result was announced on Friday (24Jun16), the leave side gained 52 per cent of the vote.

Two people who were delighted Britain voted to leave the EU were former London mayor Boris Johnson and U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Boris, a leading campaigner for Britain to leave the EU, is now the odds on favourite with British bookmakers to become the country's next Prime Minister after incumbent U.K. leader and remain supporter David Cameron announced his resignation on Friday.

The day also saw Donald touchdown in Scotland for a planned visit where he declared Britain leaving the EU to be a, "great thing".

The incredible U.K. political events are likely to have enraged Charles as he told the newspaper that he struggled to contemplate either politician holding office in their respective nations.

"If Donald Trump enters the White House and Boris goes into number 10 Downing Street we'll have to find another planet to live on. (Boris) is very entertaining, but as a Prime Minister? No."