Cops thwarted a plan by Republican terrorists to set off explosives targeted at former security force members working at The Paint Hall Titanic Studios, where scenes for the show's upcoming fifth season were filmed.

Security forces documents seen by editors at The Belfast Telegraph refer to a "threat to life involving ex-members of the police and security forces working at Game Of Thrones".

The bomb was reportedly set to be planted in a bin next to a catering unit in the studio where former cops working on the set eat their meals, and staff at the site have been advised to step up their security arrangements in the wake of the scare.

A police source tells the publication, "The dissidents initially got word that a number of (ex-police officers) and army personnel worked at the studios. They were even told the exact job in which most of them were employed and the catering unit where they took their lunch and tea at the same time every day. Security around the Paint Hall was visibly increased and because of this the dissidents never went ahead with the plan."