The lead singer of British rockers Gallows has been diagnosed with an incurable stomach condition - which has thrown the recording of their new album into jeopardy.
The band's frontman Frank Carter is suffering from severe acid reflux, a stress-related condition which sees stomach acid seep into the throat.
The illness has already begun affecting Carter's voice, making the creation of the follow-up to their 2006 LP Orchestra of Wolves a long and slow process - as the group has to ensure Carter stays stress-free to avoid triggering his illness.
He tells British magazine NME, "I developed a bit of a condition towards the end of this year. Whenever I get really stressed I feel like I'm gonna throw up acid. Ironically the only thing it really affects is my voice.
"Once you get it, you've got it for life and you just have to look after yourself. But that doesn't really work when you're in a band like Gallows. I'm normally the saving f**king grace (of recording an album), but this time it's been dragged out. If I'm stressing, the first thing to go is my voice, which is not good."