Rockers Gallows have backtracked on their boast they recorded the sound of a dying pig for their new album - admitting they found the clip online.
The British band came under fire after announcing plans to include the noise of a slaughtered pig on forthcoming disc Grey Britain.
The group even claimed to have recorded the killing in a butcher's shop themselves, insisting in an interview with the act was justified because the animal was "going to die anyway".
Officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) subsequently slammed Gallows for the move, even alleging news of the recording had prompted several people to request their free vegetarian starter kits.
But now Gallows have now conceded they were actually lying about the clip.
In a statement, the band says: "We would never harm an animal for the sake of our music. The sample is taken from the internet and we even traced it to come from Spain where they still use inhumane forms of slaughter.
"We do not want to upset our fans who we consider intelligent enough to realise we didn't kill a pig or any other kind of animal to achieve the sounds on Grey Britain."