Gallows frontman FRANK CARTER is suffering from a cracked skull after he fell and split his head open during an onstage 'play-wrestle' with an overzealous fan. Carter was forced to cut the gig in Stoke, England, short and visit hospital after the incident on Saturday night (15Sep07). The concert saw fans pile onto the stage to share the microphone with Carter, in a typically raucous gig from the British rockers. Shortly into the set, Carter and one fan play-wrestled and sang together, but both tumbled over in the commotion, with the singer smashing his forehead against the floor, causing blood to gush from the wound. But Carter completed the song, before telling the audience, "I'm off to A+E (Accident and Emergency) now." Carter is expected to make a full recovery and the Gallows' U.K. tour is expected to continue as scheduled.